Water Filter Prelims…

I had the idea of making a water filtration capsule, that would be a continuation of the water harvesting project.

I envisioned the physical filtration to occur in three stages, which would then be followed by a means to treat the water to remove micro-organisms and chemicals.

The physical filtration was to occur via gravel and sand filters.

The gravel that was obtained was building grade. Average particle diameter being 1cm. The sand was also building grade, consisting of fine-sized particles.

I decided to test the physical filtration component first, and then work on the biological eradication later.

As can be seen in the pictures, the containers were cubic in shape, with an overall capacity of 1 litre (1000 cubic centimeters). A filter trap of compacted sand was used. Then dirty water was poured, and the results awaited.

THE WATER CAME OUT BROWN!!! In addition, the cubes were leaking from their sides, despite all the glueing along the edges to minimise leakages.

So it’s gotta be back to the drawing board!

The cubes are designed to be stacked on each other for a close fit.

The cubes are made from 0.6 mm acrylic sheets designed on Rhino 4 and machined on the laser cutter. Yes, that’s the brown water that was collected after completion of the filtration process!!!

Looking into the bottom of cube 2; handkerchiefs, glued onto plastic frames were used to contain the filtering sand.

The bottom of cube 2. The wet sand appears brown. On the floor, one can see the transparent cube 3, which is the collection point, and ideally the place where chlorination tablets would have been placed to purify the water.

Cube 1 viewed from the side. We placed a sieve material to help initiate the filtration process.


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