day 3

Some cool (new) commands on day 3

I was thrilled about the following commands that Ella, our instructor, covered during the class:

Sweep1, Sweep2, Revolve, Split, Trim, BooleanUnion, BooleanIntersection, ArrayPolar, Offset, Mirror, Loft, Project, CloseCurve, Fillet, Section, Contour, Extend, Stretch, PointsOn, Explode, Scale, and especially COPY.

Finally got the corporate version. I’m no longer limited by the magic number 25!

And as a designer, I had to go for a test drive!

With these basic but crucial commands, I’m ready for ANY 3-D shape out there!

Finally, a working bike model

Using most of the commands in the post below, I managed to come up with a working bke model.

I started with the wheels, which I generated by revolving a trimmed cross-sectional profile of a tire and the bike rim. Easy. The ‘spokes’ on the Rim were generated via ArrayPolar, and the wheel centre via revolving a filleted rectangle. I then copied the complete wheel to obtain the rear wheel.

The bicycle frame was rather rudimentary, and I aligned simple cylindrical rods to form the usual tilted ‘N’ shape. Rotate command (with snap on) was used for most of these.

Using the same process in designing Rubber Ducky’s body, I distorted a sphere (with PointsOn) to design a seat.

The handlebar was a combination of Cylinders and Sweep1 to obtain a curved design. The actual handle was done via Sweep2 command, after outlining two paths. I used mirror command on the first path to obtain a good replicate. After running the Sweep2 command, I needed to ‘cap’ the handles, and I did this by extruding a line to form a plane and then trimmed and deleted. Group command and Boolean helped ensure smooth operation by pairing up components. I then mirrored the handlebar to complete it.

In my experience this was much more fun and easier in concept than Rubber Ducky.


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