day 2


This is a command used to insert drawings or sketches in ordinary .jpg format, and then we can trace the outlines of objects in Rhino3D. The traced objects can then be modified to generate a 3D shape, and this is mostly via extrude command.

I took the instance of a bicycle, and modified it into a futuristic 3D “wide bike”. The dimensions are heavily exagerrated, and thus it looks like something from the movie Tron: Legacy

Here’s the start-up image:

I then made an outline of the bike shape, and extruded it. Here’s a view showing the outline in yellow, and the extrusion in red (and after a rotation, lies in a plane perpendicular to the outline ):

And finally, after caping, extruding, splitting and rotating, we get:

I chose to let go of this approach and design a proper bike with 3-D commands.

Laser Cutter Exercise

I traced the outline of the bike below:

and obtained the following on Rhino:

the image had to be trimmed at several intersections, eg. between the tires and bicycle frame, to ensure that the laser would not cut it at those undesired points.

Tom assisted me to export the Rhino file as a .ai (adobe illustrator file) which we then opened in Corel Draw and made 3 similar copies of the bike outline. I set up the Laser Cutter and the working material (matte board) and got the following screenshots of the laser cutter in action:

(The above image is from another project, but it shows the laser beam cutting through the matte paper)


I then stacked the four cut-outs on top of each other and glued them:
(combined thickness is approximately 4mm)


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