day 1

The Rubber Ducky was pretty simple, and the step-by-step tutorial was easy to follow.

The only issue I had was the neck!! I couldn’t manage to BlendSrf from the base of the head to the body of the duck to form a neck.

I suspect the problem was because the projected surface from the base of the head to the top of the body was not a planar surface (i.e. it was a warped, bent suface as opposed to being ‘flat’), posing a problem when trying to blend the surfaces.

This resulted into the following distorted neck:

I began the exercise again, and Ella helped me figure out the neck twist. I needed to turn Autopoints on, and finally finished the neck and worked on the eye. (In the image below, the eye looks like it fell off the Ducky’s face)

After attaching the eye and running the mirror command, the Ducky could now see. The Screenshot below shows it in final, colored form:

Although demanding, this was a fun exercise!


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