day 9

Fabrication day! I used partworks 3d software on the shopbot. Here are some screenshots of the days events:

We loaded the file onto the shopbot:

After placing the bit to the mill, we set it to work!

And after a while, the profile began to appear:

Dust, dust and dust…

One of the surface milled sections:

Putting them together before gluing to check alignment. The back did not turn out as expected because of the material imperfections, i.e. the plys in the blockboard were not parallel to each other, hence the second contoured part was cut through.

After gluing, I held them together using vices:

After drying, this was the appearance of one half…

Holding the two halves with the vices, I set up for casting with Hydrostone.

I devised a method for injection moulding, since the available funnels were too wide for the inlet of the runner. A simple biro could fit in, and this was inserted through a bottle cap of a soda plastic bottle.

It would thus fit like this:

Mixing of the hydrostone in water:

“Injection moulding”

Work completed, it was left to dry:


The resultant cast is a 5% scale model of the actual manifold tank.


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