day 6

During the instruction session, we were taught how to use RhinoScript, i.e. programming/scripting using Python to perform some drawing operations. Though brief, the session was really interesting and we had our work cut out for us.

I’m working mostly on paper, and I’m trying to modify my design to be able to incorporate a basic filtration system, and I’d like to use wire mesh (varying sizes or “grades”), gravel, sand, clay and perhaps canvas. I wish to use gravity feed, which means that the filtration system would need to be staggered and at various depths from each other. The designed flow rate should be approximately 0.264 cubic metres/sec.

The main obstacle I’m facing is that the Sand filtration system, which has a maximum load of  0.0025 cubic metres/sec. It’s thus the bottleneck in the entire system, and all the components would have to be designed around this. Two alternatives exist: creating “holding tanks” that allow accumulation of partially filtered water before goiung through the sand filter, or branching out the piping to accomodate approximately 100 smaller pipes. The latter is the definition of a very bad idea… I’ll work with the holding tanks.

I aim to design a basic manifold (the point where water is collected from the drain and rudimentarily filtered) and one of the filter modules (which will all have the same basic design)

I discussed with a friend regarding the applicability of the project, and it seems that the capital costs (tanks, pipes, pumps, etc) and the running costs (electricity to run the pumps that deliver water from the underground storage to above the ground level) are really high. This is in comparison to purchasing water from delivery lorries (the blue ones marked “Clean Water” that can cost up to Ksh 4,000 for 10,000 litres). The approach I took to this project is the importance of water as opposed to energy costs.

An interesting discussion I had later was with someone who doesn’t believe that Americans landed on the moon. Wish I could take the person there to show them Neil Armstrong’s footprints 🙂

It was a really awesome Monday.


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