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Posting images to your blog

Click on any of the images to enlarge the view, kind of like ‘zooming in’

Some images, especially camera shots tend to be large (~ 2 MB) and take time to upload.

Steps to take:

Save the image as a .jpeg. In case of conversion issues, your WordPress blog works  with .png or .jpg files to be uploaded. Microsoft Paint can be used to change the  format of a .bmp file via “Save as” and clicking the tab to change to .jpg or .png

To reduce the size of a large image, open Microsoft Office Picture Manager. This can be most easily accessed by going to the desired image, right clicking it, and then choosing “Open with” -> “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”… I’ll abbreviate this as MOPM

Once you do this, the image is opened in  MOPM, go to “Edit Pictures” Tab at the top. Click on it, and a side bar opens up. Look for the option “Compress Pictures” under “Change Picture Size”.

Once you click this, you’ll see some radio buttons under “Compress for”. Choose the button that reads “Web Pages”. You’ll see at the bottom under “Estimated Total Size” the new compressed size of your image. Click the “OK” button

A newer and smaller image will now appear. Go to “File” ->  “Save As” to save this new image in a new location. If you do not change the file name, the original image will be overwritten (maybe you’ll get a warning prompt as well).

The new image that you’ve saved, with a smaller file size, is now easier to upload onto your blog.

Pardon any typos!